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Sometimes you are going a long way to experience something you feel could bring you a spectacular emotion or experience. Sometimes you look for something in life that you feel is missing, maybe colours that a diferent from the ones you see daily, tastes that are not in your routine, culture that is different from your own beloved one, people that could shake you to your core. Have you ever realized why? Have you identified what’s really missing? Sometimes, you don’t need to go faraway to satisfy your hunger for “something new, undiscovered”,  discoveries might await just around the corner.

In a small southern Lithuanian resort town like Druskininkai, where the rhythm of local life is just as twice less busy as in the capital Vilnius, where the selection of fancy places for dining or hanging out are very limited, therefore more visible, where  people go to relax and enjoy spa treatments for a weekend, you could be pleasantly surprised with new creative initiatives by young local people. That is the case wish a freshly opened vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant Toli Toli (Toli Toli) in Druskininkai, established by a young artist and photographer Indre Armalyte.

As soon as you enter little moderate space you immediately get captured by positive and cozy ambience. Not to mention the modernly fitted interior with minimalist but well balanced decorations, talking photography on the walls and twist of pastel colours. You realize there are people behind it who have stories to tell.  As soon as you open the menu, you realize the kitchen is not typical to most of the restaurants in Lithuania, because it simply introduces you with the Middle Eastern, Indian or even African vibes. If you have ever been to Israel, you will realize what eye and mouth catching gastronomic experience it could bring.

Yes, they make wonderful humus, the best falafels that I ever tasted in Lithuania and offer great selection of simple but extraordinary soups (tried tomato one – absolutely delicious) and salads. You know the feeling when you taste a dish that you have already tried in places where it has originated from and you don’t want to make any rebel comment.

 falafel_toliThey make it from fresh carefully selected seasonal goods from local farmers, therefore the menu is changing accordingly which only shows the care and love to the customers. Every dish is prepared with enough attention and love and you feel that good energy and fairytale behind while tasting every bit.


Oh, not to forget – they also make tikka masala (!) and  shakshuka, greatly adapted to Lithuanian taste.


It is the place, that welcomes you with much more than just a nutrition on a plate, it transfers social and cultural message, a story, confidence and trust, particular values. So to say – discovery it’s not that far away, closer than you can imagine! Just don’t miss it when visiting Druskininkai!

Toli Toli
8 Vilniaus avenue
LT 66118 Druskininkai, Lithuania

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