Sipping-coffee-outside season is here!

Ahh those first early spring moments… minutes of long-lasting sun, still chilly wind, nature preparing for blooming and manifest… The moments when you just strangely stop complaining about bad weather or life, just want to breathe deeper and get this renaissance deep inside you..

Everyone is outside, laying in the sun wherever there is a spot inside or outside the city, sipping not only the spring but a nice coffee with dessert accompanied by a cozy family or friends’ company, getting washed away by long talks and mesmerizing dreams about the up-coming summer..

I love those moments…they are magic, full of hopes and promising the bright future, widening some smiles on the faces, bringing us more and more together and outside those private boxes.

My sunny moment this sunday was in Trakai, an old dessert shop AJ chocholate that still serves perfect marcipan hornlets. Must try!

Wishing you a sunny week!

A g n e

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