Ginger Shots come along! @Kavos Virejai


Coffee culture is dominating each and every corner of Vilnius! Head is turning around from the variety of tastes and formats of coffee served to to the wide public. However, if you are not big fan of starbucks-style paper cups filled with aromatic flat whites, large cappuccinos, mochas or lattes, you might want to go for a little longer way for that perfect cup of freshly roasted classical espresso or a more fancy aeropress or chemex coffee, you must pop by a small cafeteria Kavos Virejai (Kavos Virejaiclose to Vilnius oldtown. In their moderate food menu you’ll find smoothies and fresh juice, desserts, daily-made sandwiches and specials, which is just enough to accompany your coffee with a home-made tasty bid. And the ambience and interior is absolutely stylish with a cozy playlist always on to pleasure the ear. The coffee is great, one of the best in town. 

P.S. they also do wonderful and healthy ginger shots to boost your energy for the weekend – not in the menu, just need t ask! 🙂

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