Fellini and his dish

Today world remembers a great cinema master – Federico Fellini, whom would have turned 100 today!

He was not only a spectacular cinematographer, but also as a real precious Italian, knew and worshiped good comfort food!

As i got to know today, Fellini preferred rice. His favourite risotto was flavoured with saffron and exactly two drops of grappa, added just before it was served. He disliked cream in sauces, and would have an omelette over a carbonara any day. But his favourite dish was sartù, a timbale made with an outer layer of rice and a kind of meat or vegetable stew in the middle, which we got to taste today!

Lithuanian cinema lovers celebrated this 100 years of honest and creative fantasy man, who is alive today in all his movies and I believe will live hundreads more!!!

I thank this world and my friends for theres new discoveries to share with!


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