Vegan The Burger!

Jackfruit Burger!!!

Hello, Autumn lovers! Just about time to pack the sunbeds, take out cozy raincoats and get out of bed for a lazy lunch in the City!

Lets forget the classical Egg Benedicts for the moments, and discover something more fancy!

What is the first though that comes to your mind when you hear word VEGAN ? Something not edible? Boring? Those crazy grass eaters? 🙂

Oh believe me – the total opposite! Vegan food is not only animal-free, but supper lights and delicious, not only good for the stomach but for your head as well! And moreover, its so so much more creative playing with all the plant variety nature has to offer!

A living proof of how wonderful, healthy, colourful and mouth watering a vegan meal can be is a super cozy vegan bistro in Vilnius center – Rosehip ( ). This simple but yet good-vibes-only place offers short but rich selection of various bowls, amazing vegan burgers (!), ONE WITH JACKFRUIT being an absolute legend!, salads, nice coffees and teas and even prosecco for those in the mood.

Be open for the creative vegan masters! Enjoy!!!

Have a pleasant weekend,


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