FUN dining & some liberated Asian Gua Bao

Hello, sun lovers! Longing for some new discoveries in town?

Here we go wild & free to the Vilnius lofts, hiding some recently discovered greatnness! This time – its an artful foodie rockstar!!! D e l t a Mityba is something authentic in town – not only they have this strong statement with a minimal menu, offering Japanese & Korean inspired variations of ramen, pho & nabe soups, made from FRESH & LOCAL products, but also are open for a seasonal change and meat/vegetarian options!

They also have the “signature soups” and classic Shaolin and an absolutely perfect tasting puffy Gua Bao with fantastic stuffings (the one I went for was with Jerusalem artichoke and knocked me down with each bite!).

Moreover, rumour has it, that their freshly home made dumplings are worth ordering twice in advance and that the Chef has a passion for fermenting their own Kimchi!

Wohoo! Worth to get-up lazy bones and take a walk-up (or Uber) to the New town? DM is definately a spot with great potential. Can’t wait to come back for more!

Not to mention that there you also get a cultural glimse to a chaning artistic environmeny, since this spot is also an art day care center run by Autarkia.

Ps. Serving lunch, but also open for FUN dining on Thursdays/Fridays.

Cheers, Agne

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