Salt. Flour.Water

Rumour has it that flour and sugar are bad for one’s health. But I don’t believe in generalizations. I believe that “good & healthy” is individual for everyone of us and should be crystalized based on knowledge and reaction of a particular body.

And it is a true fact, that food created by hands with an ultimate concentration and attention brings not only great result and taste but guarantees pleasure and positive emotion.

Simplicity and honest repetition is an answer to mastery.

All this could be summarized about a cozy bakery called Salt Flour Water ( Druska Miltai Vanduo), opened by two creatives – Lithuanian and a Canadian ladies, who both moved back in Lithuania after living some lives in other parts of the world.

This is the place which offers the handmade freshly baked sourdough bread, portugese pastéis de nata, mouthwatering cinnamon buns, cozy and friendly staff behind the counter, nice inner ambience and cool train-panorama outside.

And it is truth that they are open until they sell all they have 🙂 Tells something right? Definately an atractive and cozy spot if you are decided to go for a nice bread takeaway for your weekend breakfast or simply are longing for fresh and homemade sweet morning or fancy a salty maltese-style bakes!

Bon apétit! Agne

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