Coffee spreads out of Vilnius

Coffee… Its somewhat a drug. When it is of good quality, prepared with attention, it can be addictive and bring you to look for it whereever you start your morning.

Ant this coffee culture spreads fast like the smell of it. More and more places of nice coffee blends, some roasted locally are becoming popular not only in the capital city but around this beautiful country.

Here I will mention just few that I visited this week.

First, open even off season, there is a wonderful local bakery called Gardumėlis in even more wonderful gem or sandy nature near the Baltic sea – Nida! There they offer freshly baked sweet goods (even home-made Oreo cookie!) and to my big surprise – perfect tasting coffee of the beans that are locally roasted in Klaipėda at Musangas coffee house. It was sooo good I was ordering 2 cups in a row! And bringing some beans home 🙂 Not to mention very friendly “barista” Janina!

Another coffee place I newely discoverd was in a tiny town near Klaipėda – Gargždai. Scandinavian style, offers nice classical blends of coffee and fresly made desserts. The place is named Dessert house.

Another stop was in another sweet little town (my birth town) Plunge. I spent my morning in a bohemian coffee bar and bookshop in 1 – ExLibris and had a wonderful aeropress accompanied by Hyppie by P. Coelho 🙂

Finally tripping futher to another spa town in southern Lithuania – Druskininkai I always pop by to Caffeine for their freshly baked croissants and a simple americano!

So overall, if you are travelling around Lithuania, do look for hiden gems of nice coffee, there are many people in love with good coffee here!

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