The more busy you get in your life, the more you (should) worship those quality moments, especially on the weekends, when time loses its boundaries and you just fall in a pleasant mode with pleasant company and pleasant food adventures. The newly discovered place where you can absolutely celebrate the glory of such moment is wonderful Joffes Duonine (Joffe’s bakery).

The most wonderful is the owner Joffe himself. You can feel the whole place and details in it is thoroughly organized and thought off, starting from fresh jewish bread, kurdish ekmegi, various mouth watering pastries, cakes and tarts, natural teas, original italian pasta, ending with a minimal menu – oysters, home-made dumplings and ….the holy Herring Sandwich!!! All dishes prepared slowly, thoughtfully, with a greeting and heart in it! Because life happens now…in this moment and you must enjoy it to the fullest!

If you get lucky enough, Joffe might event sit and have a conversation about life with you, treat you with a secret rose jam or home-made hummus 🙂 So just take a moment and go check that glory Herring and don’t forget to turn the “rush” button off!

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